Image by Tilly Clifford

Image by Tilly Clifford


Hello, I'm Amy!

Professional photographer located in Melbourne, Australia. 

I've cradled an undying love for photography since I was young. I went on to study a fine arts degree in Photography & have continued to pursue the art form for both for work and pleasure, ever since. I shoot a range of different things, but my main love is documenting. I love photographing people in those completely pure, candid moments. Kids with muddy knees, families having full belly laughs, 2 year olds who smile with a scrunched up nose… these are the memories that we treasure years down the track.

When I'm not taking photos I'm usually making things in the kitchen (you can find some recipes on my blog), working on my Podcast: Mother / other, being a Mum, reading books, or hanging out with my incredible Husband, our son Dorian, & our adopted Greyhound, Dawn. 

I'd love to photograph you, someone or something you love!

Email: or click here.